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About Michelle Haskell, CD/PCD(DONA), LCCE, C-VBACS, Certified Sleep Consultant (CPSM)

For as long as I can remember, I have loved babies and birth. I have always had a deep respect for pregnancy, birth, and the new family unit, but it wasn't until the births of my own children that I realized I might be able to make birth and new family support into a career.

I jumped into birth doula training with DONA International in 2018 and I immediately fell in love with this role. In April 2021 after years of work, I earned my Birth Doula Certification with DONA International! I discovered that I loved teaching about birth as well, so I also pursued training childbirth education - and just  a few months later after 3 days of training, hours of study, and a lengthy exam, earned my Lamaze Childbirth Educator certification. 

As I continued to support families in birth, I noticed how much I also loved supporting them in their first few months as a new family, so I decided it was time to work toward becoming a certified postpartum doula as well! I completed that certification in September, 2021.

After working with postpartum families for a few years, I realized the importance of healthy sleep hygiene and supporting families to achieve the sleep they need - and recognized my own challenges with this in my early parenthood stages. In 2022, I earned a certification in sleep consulting from Center for Pediatric Sleep Management, and I have been enjoying helping families achieve their sleep goals. You don't have to suffer like I did!

Hopelessly entranced by learning more about birth, postpartum, evidence-based information, and women's issues, I pursue continuing education opportunities with enthusiasm. 2022 brought my certification as a VBAC Specialist. I'm not sure what new letters I'll add to my alphabet soup of credentials in 2023, but I'm excited to find more!

As your doula, childbirth educator, sleep consultant, and family cheerleader, I bring a wealth of information and experience to you. I don't bring any agendas with me - only evidence-based information. My goal is to give you and your family the attention and knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your pregnancy, labor, pediatric sleep, and early parenthood.

I love working with expectant and new families throughout their experience of bringing new life into this beautiful world. I have experience supporting a wide variety of family units and cultural backgrounds and truly enjoy the time I spend with my clients. 

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About Mattie Pawlowski

Mattie Pawlowski loves things being in their homes. Even more than that, though - she LOVES helping to find homes for all the things floating around your house and cluttering your surfaces. Frankly, I find it a little sick, but she does what she does and she does it well!

Mattie emerged from the womb headstrong and hardworking. She loves helping others and finds so much joy in watching transformations happen (she LOVES spending time at my house - every single room is a new challenge!).

In addition to her love for organization, Mattie is a phenomenal caretaker. Growing up in a large, very close extended family, there were always kids running around and Mattie naturally gravitated toward caring for the littles. She loves enjoying arts and crafts and science experiments with older children, and is an absolute magician with infants and babies. Her background working in summer camps means your children can count on fun activities and plenty of outdoor time. And you can rest easy leaving your angels with Mattie knowing that she has 20 years of childcare experience, glowing references, and a Basic Life Support certification.

Mattie is currently pursuing a PharmD - Doctor of Pharmacy - degree. Her ultimate goal is to go into pharmacy research to help develop cancer treatments.

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